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Guidelines for Presentation


The term for each presentation will be listed in the program posted on the website of the Symposium

Please note that the presentation time might undergo some minor adjustments until the Symposium.

Oral Presentations should be provided as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation . Please do not include movie sequences or internet links into presentation and make sure that file size remains as small as possible when including images.

The presentation should be submitted to the technical staff of the Symposium before the start of the session .


Poster size: 0.8 meter width x meter height - square format.

Registration at the Poster-desk is necessary, where you will get a notice of the number of panels, the session in which your poster deployed, as well as help for putting up a poster if you need it

Posters should  include a title, names  of authors and their addresses, abstract, introduction  materials  and methods, results,

discussion (or a combined results and discussion), conclusion, acknowledgments (if any), references Title: uppercase, bold, centered, up to 100 characters without spaces.
Livestock Symposium,
Dec 28, 2016, 3:39 PM